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Home page widgets "Network threats detected" and "Virus detected" continue to show older events data in Data Center Security 6.5


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Data Center Security Server


When an Admin performs a GVM clean up or re-registration of NSX or SVA, data displayed on the home page widgets are inconsistent.
  • "Network threats detected" & "Virus detected" continue to show data for older events.
  • "Top 10 GVMs with network threats remediated" and "Top 10 GVMs with virus threats remediated" will always be in sync with Guest VM inventory. It may not show any details.


Clean up activities include:

  • Deletion of Guest VMs on which events are generated.  
  • Explicit Re-registration of NSX and SVA by administrator.  




  • The event data will get cleaned/purged based on the event purging configurations.  Admin needs to wait till the purging happens. 
  • In case of Re-registration, Admin need to use NSX Synch and update the GVM inventory.