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Adding SMP server to the Gateway Manager servers tab hangs


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IT Management Suite


When you load When trying to add the SMP server to the gateway managers list of servers to communicate with it just hangs.  No errors are returned.   However,  adding site server succeeded with no problems.



When adding a server to the gateways list of servers to communicate with.  It checks with the  server to see if it has a certificate revocation list.  This can be seen in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) with the certificate snap-in loaded.   Under the trusted root certificate authority they had a certificate revocation list with the certificate in it.  


We removed the certificate revocation list from the server with MMC.  We were then able to add the server.   I have not been able to reproduce this issue but I assume there must have been some sort of corruption with it.   We copy that file to the gateway when adding the server to the list of servers the gateway can communicate with.


Applies To


ITMS 7.5 SP1 HF5