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Error: "https://localhost/ProtectManager/GlobalDialog?type=NOT_FOUND" in Browser when attempting to Access DLP Enforce Console


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Data Loss Prevention Enforce


When trying to access the DLP Enforce console in any web browser, you get a 404 and/or screen that constantly refreshes.



There are few different reasons this error may occur. Most of the time it is due to a Database connectivity issue.

One cause is that the password for either Protect or SysDBA account has expired.

In this use case, the customer was actually using the System account instead of the Oracle Protect account indicating that they had not run the Oracle Protect User Script


  • Change Protect/SYSTEM user account password if it is expired
  • Verify network connectivity to the Oracle Database server.
  • Verify that the Oracle listener is running.
  • Verify that the IPaddress/hostname, port and service_name are correct in the file.
  • Verify that the tnsnames.ora on the Oracle Database server is using the same information as the file.