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Introscope EM Load Balancing Scenarios


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


Question #1: What happens when the Load Balancing configuration is updated to exclude an agent from connecting to a Collector that the agent is currently connected to?

Question #2: What happens if an agent is currently connected to a collector that an agent is not latched to and a Collector the agent is latched to becomes available?


Product: APM 10.x


In both cases, the agent automatically will disconnect from the Collector that the agent is currently connected to and will move to an appropriate Collector automatically. (per load balancing rule updates)

Answer#1: The agent will move to a collector that the agent is not excluded from automatically.

Answer#2: The agent will move to the collector it is latched to automatically.

Additional Information

Application Performance Management provides a number of agent controllability options that an administrator can configure which collector Enterprise Manager an agent connects with.

These options are controlled by the Agent load balancing feature are described here:

A number of usage scenarios are also provided to help clarify how this feature works: