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Is Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM) v4.8.1 vulnerable glibc "ghost" CVE-2015-0235?


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Security Information Manager


SSIM 4.8.1 has glibc libraries and you would like to know it is vulnerable to glibc "ghost" CVE-2015-0235?


SSIM versions 4.8.1 uses glibc reported in "ghost" CVE-2015-0235 and is vulnerable.    

To further secure SSIM 4.8.1 from the"ghost" CVE-2015-0235 , apply the Hotfix attached to this article.

NOTE : Once you copy the HotFix & md5 file to /tmp and su -  to root, run the following command before you do an md5 checksum:

dos2unix 4.8.1_Hotfix-8.tar.gz.md5  <-- If you are using SSIM 4.8.1 or higher





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