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About Prerequisite for Protection Engine 7.5.x on Red Hat and CentOS


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection Engine for NAS


You wish to have a list of steps and packages that need to be installed prior to installing Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) 7.5.x in order to ensure that it works correctly.


The following packages need to be present on the Linux system prior to installing SPE 7.5.x:

  • yum update (recommended step)
  • yum install sharutils
  • yum install glibc
  • yum install libuuid
  • yum install libuuid.i686
  • yum install libgcc
  • yum install
  • yum install
  • yum install redhat-lsb

n.b. Some of these packages may already be present depending on the exact OS build and version used. The Yum installer will inform you if this is the case.

In addition,  a 32 bit Oracle Java Runtime will need to be installed prior to installing the product. If installing the the user interface. 

Lastly, modifications may need to be made to the Linux Firewall in order to ensure that a connection can be made to the SPE server on ports 8004 and 8005.




Applies To


This procedure has been successfully tested on the following platforms with a "Basic Server" OS installation:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • CentOS


jre-6u45-linux-i586.rpm get_app