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Imaging tasks fail with Invalid switch: dscrypt in Ghost error log.


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Deployment Solution


 When running a DS task to Create or Deploy a ghost image the following errors may be seen in the ghosterr.txt log(located in the following folderX:\program files\symantec\deployment\logs\).

 Error Number: 10100

Message: Invalid switch: dscrypt
Version: 30 2014, Build=6270
OS Version: Professional  (Build 9200)
Command line arguments: -batch -sure -clone,mode=restore,dst=1,src=http://server/share/{GUID.EN_US}/cache/ghostimagename.gho,szel -dscrypt


As part of the DS upgrade the Ghost executables did not properly upgrade or the Preboot Environments have not yet been updated with the new components.  

As of 7.5 SP1 HF5 the ghost executables have been updated to work with changes made in the HF5 environment.   Prior versions of the ghost executables are not able to adapt to these changes and errors like the one below will be seen.  Observe in bold below that the error notes the ghost build as 6270.   The proper build for ghost in HF5 is Build=6279

Message: Invalid switch: dscrypt
Version: 30 2014, Build=6270)
OS Version: Professional  (Build 9200)
Command line arguments: -batch -sure -clone,mode=restore,dst=1,src=http://server/share/{GUID.EN_US}/cache/ghostimagename.gho,szel -dscrypt


Once DS 7.5 SP1 HF5 is installed and the necessary agents(such as the Symantec Management Agent and plugins on Site Servers) have been upgraded to HF5 you must recreate any preboot configuration using the Recreate Preboot Environment option on the Preboot Configuration dialog page.  This will update the boot files that are delivered via PXE to include the latest Ghost executables.  If Automation folders are in use, the automation folder upgrade policy will then need to be enabled also.

If the issue persists after following all the upgrade steps and recreating the preboot environment, the upgrade did not execute properly; see TECH222812 for more information on this situation.   


Applies To

 Deployment Solution 7.5 SP1 or later upgraded to 7.5 SP1 HF5