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ASDK Get Task Results component does not process the status properly.


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Workflow Solution


ASDK Get Task/Job Results component does not process the status properly. Result comes back from SMP Task Management web service as expected but the component does not process this result properly.

If 'Allow Null Return' is 'Get [YourJobName] Results Component' is not checked, exception will be thrown. If it is checked, resulting variable will be empty regardless of the actual result from SMP Task Management web service.




To workaround this issue we need to call data directly form WebService creating new Integration Component. 

1. Create new Integration project to call Web Service on SMP server. WebServiceCaller 
2. Add URL: http://SERVERNAME/altiris/asdk.task/TaskManagementService.asmx 
Note: You will need to check HTTP Authentication Option. 
3. Click next till you can Select Components.  Select GetTaskResourceStatusComponent only and Finish. 
4. Import new integration Library and Add newly created component to your project to display Job status 

Applies To

WF 7.5.6183.15 

WF 7.6.4342.0

SMP 7.5 SP1