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Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager embedded database continues to listen on default port after configuring a custom port


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Endpoint Protection


Prior to installing the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) port 2638 is in use by another program.  During SEPM installation the embedded database is chosen and a port conflict is identified regarding port 2638.  If the other program utilizes 2638 continuously the SEPM installation is not completable,  a port conflict will continue to be detected despite having configured SEPM to use an alternate port. If the other program is stopped or does not utilize 2638 continuously the installation may complete however at a later time SEPM or the other program may fail to initialize properly due to a port conflict on 2638.

The following popup errors are encountered during SEPM installation.

Window Title:
Port In Use

Window Message:
Port 2638 is being used by another application, and is required to restore communications. You must stop the other application before proceeding with this installation.

Window Title:
Error - Preparing Database

Window Message:
Failed to connect to the database.


The installation script does not properly configure the JDBC connector for the custom port.


This issue is resolved in Endpoint Protection Manager 12.1 RU6. Please upgrade to this version to resolve this issue.

As a workaround if upgrading is not an option at this time, the following can be done:

1) Edit the following file:
C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\SQL Anywhere 16\sasrv.ini

2) You should see something similar to below, keep note of the port in case you need to undo the changes:

3) Change the port 2638 to 2639 and save the file, it should look like the following when done:

4) If the user you're logged into the machine with is not "Administrator" then check the same folder path under your users hive for this file and edit it as above if it's present as well. Edit it in both paths if it exists in both paths.

5) Install the SEPM, it should choose port 2639 after detecting the port conflict. If it chooses something else then the above port would need to match the port selected for the database.

6) After the SEPM is installed, reboot and make sure the SEPM and the other application that is using a Sybase database both work correctly.​