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Reporting info in regards to the Web Services (FAQ's)


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The Web URL report by time displays disproportionate times by user, and some reports appear to be missing data.


The Web URL report by time will display disproportionate times by user.

Drilling into a Web URL report shows the sum data for all URLs browsed by user wildly differs from the top level total time browsed by user.

This is because the top level sum is a sum of total time spent connected (+ 3 minutes*) whereas the sub data is total time spent at each URL (+3 minutes).

A user may have 10 browser sessions connected in a single session online.

The three minutes is an arbitrary value provided by product, it represents the time a user spends scanning/reading a web page.

Some reports appear to be missing data

Any report run is run against a total number of 160k base rows within the DB.

Take for example a web URL report.

User A browses to , , etc.

Each of these URLS are rolled up to .

If this same user browses to these sites 160k times in a month and a Web URL report is run, that report will consist of one row of data because the DB has queried the maximum number of 160k base rows (of data) to produce the report.

The hard limit of 160k rows queried applies to EVERY report run.