Cloud-enabled Management best practices, planning, and configuration
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Cloud-enabled Management best practices, planning, and configuration


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IT Management Suite


After installing your Symantec Endpoint Management Solution, if you choose to implement Cloud-enabled Management (CEM) in the environment, the following articles will help you with configuring, managing, and resolving issues related to CEM.

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ITMS 8.x



Cloud-enabled Management for ITMS (Whitepaper for ITMS 8.6)


About Cloud-Enabled Management

Preparing Your Environment for Cloud-enabled Management

Setting up Cloud-Enabled Management

Cloud-Enabled Management Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tasks


Perform tasks and resolve issues related to the management and configuration of Cloud-enabled Management.

Recreate the Cloud-enabled Management agent website HOWTO98774
Implementing Cloud-enabled Management behind a load balancer HOWTO95238
How to configure F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager to work with the ITMS Cloud-enabled Management traffic? HOWTO109667
Local clients cannot switch to Cloud-enabled Management mode TECH217096
Error adding a Notification Server to the Gateway Manager with CEM TECH227929
Error: "not in allowed servers list to connect!!!" on an Internet Gateway TECH228036
Error: "Attempted CEM nsagent negotiation failed" when connecting to server TECH225770
Error: "(OS 10013) An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions" and CEM Internet gateway setup fails TECH215800
Error: "Failed to generate package" using self-signed certificates and creating a CEM agent installation package TECH218445
Error: "Configuration of IIS website for cloud-enabled management agent connections failed" TECH217324
Error: "Account NS Agent Identity is disabled" when CEM agents send basic inventory TECH213529
Error: "Name on certificate does not match the name of the site" and CEM agent cannot connect TECH227046
Error: "Unable to get the client certificate associated with the specified request", and agent cannot connect to the notification server TECH226853
Error: "Cannot issue certificate at this time because there is no registered master certificate with the specified name" when generating CEM agent packages TECH226923
Error: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" TECH227194
Can't add or see server in the server tab on the CEM gateway TECH251177



Manage and configure Cloud-enabled Management before and after an upgrade.

Restore Cloud-enabled Management communication after an off-box upgrade




Generate and apply Cloud-enabled Management certificates.

Revoke Cloud-enabled Management certificates 204333
Attempted CEM nsagent certificate negotiation fails TECH216365
Error: "Failed to generate package. The chain context handle is invalid..." when generating CEM agent packages TECH218352
Error: "Extended Key Usage information is present and it indicates that the certificate does not support client authentication" when installing SSL certificates TECH226478



Configure and resolve issues related to Cloud-enabled Management agents.

Configuration of IIS website for Cloud-enabled Management agent connections fails TECH217519
Error: "Failed to generate package. Object reference not set..." when generating CEM agent packages TECH217334



Properly configure your Cloud-enabled Management policies.

Cloud-enabled Management policy is not applied to a client computer TECH213911


Known Issues

Known issues related to Cloud-enabled Management.