Cloud-enabled Management best practices, planning, and configuration
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Cloud-enabled Management best practices, planning, and configuration


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IT Management Suite


After installing your Symantec Endpoint Management Solution, if you choose to implement Cloud-enabled Management (CEM) in the environment, the following articles will help you with configuring, managing, and resolving issues related to CEM.

NOTE: This article is currently being updated to include known good links and information


ITMS 8.x



Cloud-enabled Management Whitepaper for ITMS 8.1

Cloud-enabled Management for ITMS (Whitepaper for ITMS 8.6)


About Cloud-Enabled Management

Preparing Your Environment for Cloud-enabled Management

Setting up Cloud-Enabled Management

Cloud-Enabled Management Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tasks


Perform tasks and resolve issues related to the management and configuration of Cloud-enabled Management.

Recreate the Cloud-enabled Management agent website HOWTO98774
Implementing Cloud-enabled Management behind a load balancer HOWTO95238
How to configure F5 BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager to work with the ITMS Cloud-enabled Management traffic? HOWTO109667
Prevent UNC code bases from being offered by site servers configured strictly for CEM HOWTO90260
Local clients cannot switch to Cloud-enabled Management mode TECH217096
Package server turns on Require SSL setting in IIS when the agent loads TECH224032
Agent reports that Cloud-enabled Management is enabled but inactive TECH210850
Enable Cloud-enabled Management functionality without leaving the LAN HOWTO100079
Error adding a Notification Server to the Gateway Manager with CEM TECH227929
Error: "not in allowed servers list to connect!!!" on an Internet Gateway TECH228036
Error: "Attempted CEM nsagent negotiation failed" when connecting to server TECH225770
Error: "(OS 10013) An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions" and CEM Internet gateway setup fails TECH215800
Error: "Failed to generate package" using self-signed certificates and creating a CEM agent installation package TECH218445
Error: "Configuration of IIS website for cloud-enabled management agent connections failed" TECH217324
Error: "Account NS Agent Identity is disabled" when CEM agents send basic inventory TECH213529
Error: "Name on certificate does not match the name of the site" and CEM agent cannot connect TECH227046
Error: "Unable to get the client certificate associated with the specified request", and agent cannot connect to the notification server TECH226853
Error: "Cannot issue certificate at this time because there is no registered master certificate with the specified name" when generating CEM agent packages TECH226923
Error: "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" TECH227194
Attempted CEM nsagent certificate negotiation failed. HTTP status 403: The client does not have sufficient access rights (0X8FA10193) TECH235787
Can't add or see server in the server tab on the CEM gateway TECH251177



Manage and configure Cloud-enabled Management before and after an upgrade.

Restore Cloud-enabled Management communication after an off-box upgrade




Generate and apply Cloud-enabled Management certificates.

Revoke Cloud-enabled Management certificates HOWTO93156
Attempted CEM nsagent certificate negotiation fails TECH216365
Error: "Failed to generate package. The chain context handle is invalid..." when generating CEM agent packages TECH218352
Error: "Extended Key Usage information is present and it indicates that the certificate does not support client authentication" when installing SSL certificates TECH226478



Configure and resolve issues related to Cloud-enabled Management agents.

Configuration of IIS website for Cloud-enabled Management agent connections fails TECH217519
Error: "Failed to generate package. Object reference not set..." when generating CEM agent packages TECH217334



Properly configure your Cloud-enabled Management policies.

Cloud-enabled Management policy is not applied to a client computer TECH213911


Known Issues

Known issues related to Cloud-enabled Management.

Package Server publishes its codebase to the SMP using the internal FQDN TECH210809
Task Server publishes its URL to the Symantec Management Platform using the internal FQDN TECH211202
Cloud-enabled Management agent website takes a long time to create TECH211128
Cloud-enabled Management agents flood the EventQueue with basic inventory NSE's TECH225946
Error: "Invalid column c3 value" when Cloud Mode is enabled TECH222901