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Is Spectrum able to handle SNMPV2c 64bit varbind traps?


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CA Spectrum


Trap Exploder discards SNMP v2c traps that contain 64 bit varbinds value. When Spectrum receives an SNMPv2 trap, it is decoded and converted to SNMPv1 format as specified in RFC 2576. However, RFC 2576 states the following:

"The SNMPv1 variable-bindings SHALL be the SNMPv2 variable-bindings.  Note, however, that if the SNMPv2 variable-bindings contain any objects whose type is Counter64, the translation to SNMPv1 notification parameters cannot be performed.  In this case, the notification cannot be encoded in an SNMPv1 packet (and so the notification cannot be sent using SNMPv1, see section 4.1.3 and section 4.2)."

Is Spectrum able to handle SNMPV2c 64 bit varbind traps?


Release: SDBSFO99000-10.2-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-Server FOC


Yes, Spectrum is able to handle SNMPV2c 64 bit varbind traps. The core of Spectrum is based on SNMP V1 but the support of 64 bit varbind was added to account for this.