Napatech Card Installation
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Napatech Card Installation


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Data Loss Prevention Network Monitor


For detailed information on Napatech cards, please see their documentation.



Napatech cards are supported in DLP version 11.6 and above


Required Pre-Configuration


For Windows:

  • Napatech Driver should be installed
  • Napatech Driver is automatically loaded upon every machine bootstrap
  • Make sure that napatech library file CommonLib.dll is present under <windows_installation_drive>\Windows\System32\

For Linux:

  • Napatech Driver has to be compiled from source as a part of installing Napatech software package
  • Napatech Driver has to be loaded using /opt/napatech/bin/ script once upon every machine bootstrap before capturing packets
    For RHEL linux, edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local file to append /opt/napatech/bin/ and reboot the system
  • Make sure that napatech library file is present under <nt_installation_directory>/lib/


Napatech tools (Required)

For Windows:    Napatech tools' binaries are included as part of the Napatech software package


For Linux:          Napatech tools are compiled from source as part of Napatech software package installation process


Note: Customer reported that Napatech tools were not included with the software that came with the card. Customer had to contact Napatech to aquire the tools.

Advanced Server Settings for Napatech

PacketCapture.IS_NAPATECH_ENABLED To Enable or Disable use of Napatech Driver for packet capture - default is false
PacketCapture.NAPATECH_TOOLS_PATH Specifies the location of Napatech's tools directory - not set by default