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Custom File Export Data Source maximum file size limitation


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IT Management Suite


When creating a new data Source type - Custom File Export Data Source - and exporting to a specified file the file gets overwritten when over 200 KB.


Product defect. Max File Size value from "Write data to a new file for every export" (default max size being 200 KB) is mistakenly applied to a file defined with "Write data to a specified file".


This issue has been resolved in Workflow/ServiceDesk 8.0 and newer.

At this time, the workarounds involve increasing the size limit.

  1. Export your data source via right click as a XML
  2. Open the file in text editor
  3. Improve the value of XML tags '<maxFileSize>200</maxFileSize>' and define the desired size in KB. Very large values are not recommended due to potential for performance issues.
  4. Save the file
  5. Remove the data source from the SMP console and import modified data source via right click.
  6. Now you should be able to export to bigger file (up to the limit you specified).

Alternatively, you can change the value in the console:

  1. Edit your data source and copy the file path and name to clipboard just in case.
  2. Change "When exporting" to "Write data to a new file for every export"
  3. Fill the fields with something, set "Maximum file size" to the desired size in KB.
  4. Save changes
  5. Change "When exporting" back to "Write data to a specified file". File path and name should be preserved. If not, fill it out again.
  6. Save changes