MSRC-002 is not reported applicable by the Assessment Scan on Windows 7 systems
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MSRC-002 is not reported applicable by the Assessment Scan on Windows 7 systems


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


MSRC-002 is not reported as being applicable by the Patch Windows System Assessment Scan mainly the Windows 7 systems.  Some computer do report needing the patch.

No error, just not seen as applicable.


Working as designed.  If the client is in a connect environment and does not have the required registry key we do no try to install the patch.  MSRC-002 is only installed in disconnected environments.  Please note that the Root Certificate for Windows XP is no longer available as Microsoft has discontinued support.


The Symantec Development team has replied with the following:

“The Microsoft Root Certificate (MSRC) update package was originally intended for Windows XP only, but was made available to Windows Vista and Windows 7 systems in disconnected environments.  This means that if the systems have access to the internet, the MSRC is not needed.  It doesn't cause any issues to install it, but it isn't necessary.  The patch script used to determine if the MSRC is required for a client looks for a previously installed older version of the MSRC and if it exists then we offer the patch.  The registry key is  HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{EF289A85-8E57-408D-BE47-73B55609861A}.  Otherwise, we check to see if the computer is in a connected environment; if it is, the MSRC package does not target the system as it is not required.

Having the Microsoft Root Certificate installed or not installed has been brought up many times in the past where one customer wants the certificate to install no matter if the system is disconnected or not.  While another customer only wants it to install if it's in a disconnected environment.  Symantec has chosen to support only installing in a disconnected environment as it matches the Microsoft requirement.  Please read the Microsoft “Windows Root Certificate” article KB931125 for any additional information.”



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