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Device Communication Error - Not able to install license, Error "Try again later"


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Mobility Suite


Licensing fails to apply when being added to Mobility Manager 

/var/log/nukona/Appstore.log shows the error below after licensing failure.

The Last Name field contains the following characters which cannot be repeated, used as standalone input, or used at the beginning or end of the field: '~', '!', '@', '#', '$', '%', '^', '&', '*', '(', ')', '()', '-', '_', '+', '=', '|', ']', '[', '[]', '{', '}', '{ }', '"', '?', ''', ';', '> ', '< ', '<> ', '.', '*', '/', '\'. The words 'AND' and 'OR' are not allowed as standalone input. Please correct the information and submit again.) 

There is no clear message from the UI that indicates an issue with special characters. 



 The Primary Administrator account had special characters which prevented licenses from being able to be applied.



Changing the Primary Administrator Account Last Name to have no special characters resolved this issue. 

Applies To

 Mobility Manager 5.1