Automation Policies to send a report link are not posting an https link
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Automation Policies to send a report link are not posting an https link


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IT Management Suite


Customer has several automation policies that are sending an email and the link is published as http and it should be posted as https.

In this particular case the 'Software Update Policy Failed' automation policy is not respecting the https link creation as the other automation policies. 


In general the Automation Policies ‘know’ how to send the links on the automation policies in http or https if the SMP is currently using one of those (if the SMP is setup to use https, the links are sent accordingly). Usually the ForwardServer table is the one that gives that clue to the automation policies. 

Now, there are some automation policies that don’t follow that rule. For example, the ‘New Software Bulletin Available’ and 'Software Update Policy Failed' use the ‘GlobalSettings’ table. In general this table should reflect that if originally the SMP was installed to use https. If it was originally http and then changed to https, this table will remain http. 
You can verify that under ‘Edit Query’ in the Details section of the Automation Policy. Under the Parameterized Query tab you should see if it uses the GlobalSettings table.


In this particular case, you can modify the use of http or https in the ‘GlobalSettings’ table.

1. Run the following query just to double-check the content of this table:

select * from GlobalSettings

2. If the result above shows 'http' under the 'settings' column, please run the following query to update the table to use https:

update GlobalSettings
set Settings = 'https'
where Settings = 'http'

3. Run your automation policy one more time and verify that the https link has been produced for the desired report.

Applies To

ITMS 7.1 SP2 MP1 and later
ITMS 7.5 and later