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Regular expressions filters for the Schemus Synchronization Tool


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The article provides solutions to filtering or modifying email address results in the Schemus Synchronization Tool using Regular Expressions filters.


The following filters are designed to be implemented within an already configured synchronization profile or during the initial setup of one, to further refine and tune the results provided by it. They are to be added in the Filters menu of the profile configuration area. Path to locate in Schemus: Configuration > Modify > Filters. Make sure the drop down box at the bottom of this menu is toggled to the Regular expressions option.

NOTE: Example domains will be user below to describe how the expressions should be designed. The Replacement field is to be left blank unless otherwise noted.


Filter out a particular email domain:

Pattern: .**

Exclude all domains except the one specified:

Pattern: ^(([email protected]).)*$

Pattern: ^((?![^@ ][email protected]\.com$).)*$

Exclude all domains except the ones specified:

Pattern: ^((?![^@ ][email protected]\.com$|[^@ ][email protected]\.com$|[^@ ][email protected]\.com$).)*$

Replace the domain part of all addresses with a specified domain name:

Pattern: (.*)@.*

Replacement: [email protected]

Remove all "no local part" addresses such as

Pattern: ^@.*

Correct and remove up to three spaces from addresses with spaces in them:

Pattern: (.*)\s(.*)\s(.*)\s(.*)$

Replacement: $1$2$3$4

Remove addresses with too many @ signs:

Pattern: .*[email protected]*[email protected]*

Remove all addresses with invalid characters in them:

Pattern: .*[&*^%$#!/?\\=+].*