Symantec Control Compliance Suite - 11.1 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit) Agent support with default SCU 2014-5 content


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Now, Symantec Control Compliance Suite (CCS) 11.1 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit) Agent is released to provide support for data collection.

The default content of SCU 2014-5 is available with this enhancement.



Agent installation package contents

The contents of RHEL 6 (64-bit) agent installation package are listed in the following table: 

Sr. no

Installation file




This file is the installable script.


This is a utility used by esmsetup during agent installation to detect, start, stop, and/or uninstall bvControl for UNIX agent.



This is a generic table file.



This is a compressed tar file that contains program files.



This file contains the license agreement.

Note: The RHEL 6 (64 bit) agent does not contain the esm.tpk file, which is the installer for Security Updates for message-based data collection.


Installing RHEL 6 (64-bit) agent

To install the RHEL 6 (64 bit) agent on your computer, perform the following steps:

1.  Extract the contents of the CCS_v11.1_RHEL_6_64-bit file to a known location.

2. Run the script \x64\esm1110\esmsetup.

For detailed information on how to install a CCS Agent, refer to the following sections in the Symantec Control Compliance Suite Planning and Deployment Guide (Version 11.1):

• Installing the CCS Agent on UNIX

• Registering the CCS Agent on UNIX

• Changing the LiveUpdate setting for an agent

3.   After the installation and the registration of the agent, you can use ping, restart, fetch agent settings, and view properties.


Installing default content on already installed agent

The RHEL 6 (64-bit) agent setup was released earlier without the default content. If you already have it installed on your computer, perform the following steps to install the default content on the agent:

1.    Extract the contents of the file to a known location.

2.    Do one of the following:

·        Manual installation

To manually install the default content, perform the following steps:

(i)            From the extracted contents, run the 11.10_ccs.tpk on an RHEL 6 (64-bit) computer. 

·         Running Agent Content Update job


Before you run the Agent Content Update job on your RHEL machine apply Quick Fix 10004.

Please contact Symantec Technical Support to obtain the Quick Fix.


To install the default content by using the Agent Content Update job, perform the following steps:

(i)            Copy the extracted contents to the following location on CCS Application Server:

< CCS Install Directory >\ Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Application Server\AgentContent\Unix\Linux\x64

(ii)           Run the Agent Content Update job on the RHEL 6 (64-bit) agent.

For detailed information about CCS Agent Content Update job, refer to the following section in the Symantec™ Control Compliance Suite 11.1 User Guide:

v  Running the agent content update job


Known issue

While installing the SCU 2014-5 content on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 (64-bit) computer, the following message is displayed:

sh: /esm/bin/lnx-x64/assetinfo: Permission denied

 However, there is no impact on the content installation because of this message.




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