Task response links in ProcessView page are not responding correctly
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Task response links in ProcessView page are not responding correctly


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Workflow Solution ServiceDesk


Sometimes there are instances of the issue when task response links in the ProcessView page of the ticket are not loading correctly on the client side.

The symptoms may be 404 errors ,  'Server refused the connection" error or dialogs stuck in 'Loading' state.






This issue may occur when Deployment Rool Url is set to localhost and all projects inherit this configuration to properties.config file. Task Response links containing 'localhost' value are being pulled from TaskResponse and Task tables in database.


This isssue can be resolved by 2 approaches:

1. By updating 'localhost' value to server Netbios name/FQDN/DNS alias:

a. Go to All Programs > Symantec > Workflow > Workflow Designer > Tools > LocalMachineInfoEdtior or open Settings from the Task Tray Tool.

In Workflow Server section click the ellipsis for Workflow Server Configuration

Click the ellipsis for Deployment Info.
Make sure Root Url is set to server Netbios name/FQDN/DNS alias, whichever is being used in the environment.
b. Go to ...\Symantec\Workflow\Deploy\Release\WFProject directory.
Update BaseUrlToProject value in properties.config file to contain the value as in Deployment Root Url.
c. Update url values in Task and TaskResponse tables with SQL queries:
Update TaskResponse 
Set URL = Replace (URL, 'localhost', 'ServiceDeskServerName') 
where URL like '%localhost%' 
Update Task 
Set UrlOfProcess = Replace(UrlOfProcess, 'localhost', 'ServiceDeskServerName') 
Where UrlOfProcess like '%localhost%' 
Update Task 
Set UrlOfResponseService = Replace (UrlOfResponseService, 'localhost', 'ServiceDeskServerName') 
where UrlOfResponseService like '%localhost%' 
2. By setting the url to use Relative path.
a. As in approch 1.
b. Update BaseUrlToProject  in properties.config to contain relative path as /ProjectName
c. Update url values in TaskResponse and Task tables to relative path instead of absolute one.
update TaskResponse
Set URL = REPLACE(Url, 'http://localhost', '')
where URL like '%localhost%'
update Task
Set UrlOfResponseService = Replace (UrlOfResponseService, 'http://localhost','')
Where UrlOfResponseservice like '%localhost%'
update Task
Set UrlOfProcess = Replace (UrlOfProcess, 'http://localhost','')
Where UrlOfProcess like '%localhost%'


Applies To

ServiceDesk 7.x

Workflow 7.x