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Premium Antispam is disabled automatically if Premium Antispam initialization cannot complete within few minutes.


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Mail Security for Domino


When Premium Antispam (PAS) is being loaded during Domino Server startup, it takes longer time than expected to finish the initialization. As a result, it reached the timeout exception and Symantec Mail Security for Domino (SMSDom) then disabled PAS.

PAS is then shown disabled under SMSDom Settings document under Antispam->Premium Antispam->Control.

The issue is currently only observed under Windows environment.


When PAS is being loaded, PAS server requests Windows to start related process. This request is an asynchronous call. Windows will only acknowledge PAS with acceptance of request. PAS server then queries for status of the process. This query is time bounded. If Windows system does not respond within this timeframe, PAS will "assume"(may not really have an issue) that there was an issue with the process. The time delay is very much dependent on the status of System resources as whole. It could be heavy load with Domino server or size of mailboxes that take to initialize or any other loads.


Symantec has released a hotfix for SMSDom 8.1.2 Windows version that addresses this issue. The hotfix will allow SMSDom to try to restart PAS process up to 3 times if PAS server does not receive any status update for its process within the timeout period.

Steps to install hotfix:

  1. Download one of the attached files from the attachment section.

    - for SMSDom 32 bit version
    - hotfix_3625675_64_zip for SMSDom 64 bit version
  2. Extract the file nnpas.exe to a temporary location. Password to extract is symc.
  3. Stop Domino server.
  4. Backup the existing file nnpas.exe under <Drive:>\Program Files\IBM\Domino.
  5. Replace nnpas.exe with the extracted one from step 2.
  6. Start Domino server.



Applies To


SMSDom 8.1.2



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