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Converting Schemus LDAP Synchronization Tool logs to standard timestamps


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You are using the Schemus LDAP Synchronization Tool and want to convert the timestamps to a human-readable format.


The Schemus LDAP Synchronization Tool timestamps are in epoch time.

Epoch time is a computerised way of expressing time, it is also known as Unix time.

You may see time stamps in this format for example in Schemus logs, as per the following: 

1299076805140 500 schemus.sync Groups_Users (Groups) administrator Loaded 94 entries from C:\0x005cUsers\0x005cAll Users\0x005cApplication Data\0x005cSchemus\0x005cconfigurations\0x005cGroups_Users\0x005cgroups.sus

The timestamp in this example is 1299076805140

If you need the time in a human readable format you can use a timestamp converter on the internet like

1299076805140 then becomes GMT: Wed, 02 Mar 2011 14:40:05 GMT.