Outlook encrypt button add-in for Email Encryption.cloud
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Outlook encrypt button add-in for Email Encryption.cloud


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Email Encryption.cloud


You are looking for information about the Outlook add-in for Email Encryption.cloud Policy Based Encryption Essentials or Advanced.


Symantec Email Encryption.Cloud


The outlook add-in can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:
Email Encryption Addin Essentials Downloads

Ensure that you download the addin which matches the level of service you are subscribed to.  For a list of compatible email client, please review the system requirements prior to installation.

Once the add-in is installed for your users, you need to create a Data Protection.cloud policy that will trigger for emails when the button has been used to Encrypt the email. For more information, please review the administration guide for each offerings.

Policy Based Encryption Essentials Administrator Guide

Policy Based Encryption Advanced Administrator Guide