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Can Symantec Protection Engine Insight traffic be directed over a proxy?


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection Engine for NAS


You wish to configure the Symantec Insight component of Symantec Protection Engine to use a proxy for connections to the web.


There is a setting for Insight Proxy details in the "policy.xml file" configuration file for SPE 7.5 and higher:

        <UseDefaultServer value="true"/>
        <ServerURL value=""/>
        <ServerPort value="0"/>
        <TrustedCAFilePath value=""/>
            <ServerName value=""/>
            <ServerPort value="0"/>
            <UserName value=""/>
            <Password value=""/>

Note that if a proxy password is used, this change will need to be applied with the XMLModifier tool as the password will need to be encrypted. the syntax to apply this change is as follows:

To change UserName, ServerName and ServerPort, use the following syntax (changing UserName value as appropriate), where "test" is the value to be applied:

xmlmodifier -s /policies/EnableInsight/InsightServerDetails/ProxyDetails/UserName/@value test policy.xml

To change the password, use the following syntax to encrypt it using AES 256 (where "test1234" is the password value):

xmlmodifier -k /policies/EnableInsight/InsightServerDetails/ProxyDetails/Password/@value test1234 "c:\Program Files
(x86)\Symantec\Scan Engine" policy.xml

See the SPE Implementation Guide for more details.