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SQL Server Asset import job fails


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


SQL Server asset import job failing to import assets even when using valid credentials.  Import of the Windows machine asset hosting the SQL server(s) was successful.


Logon Failure in the Asset import job.  In CCS Manager verbose log entries in the DPS.WorkerProcess_attachments folder.....log file named similar to DBIF.SERVER_xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xxx_ReplyXML.xml 

Entries in this log will be similar to the following for a specific instance that cannot be logged into:


<rec id="1">
<spval id="IPAddresses" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<spval id="VERSIONMINOR" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<spval id="HOSTNAME" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<spval id="PRODUCTLEVEL" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<spval id="SERVERLOGINMODE" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<spval id="PLATFORM" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<spval id="PRODUCTVERSION" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<spval id="OPERATINGSYSTEM" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<spval id="VERSIONSTRING" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />
<col id="hostNameDNS">SQLSERVER</col>
<spval id="SQLServerDomainName" svNumber="556885" svText="Unknown" />
<spval id="VERSIONMAJOR" svNumber="10485763" svText="Logon failure" />


One of the instances on the SQL server is denying login for the credentials being used.  Control Compliance Suite (CCS) does not import any of the instances from an SQL server if any instance on that server does not allow connection with the credentials being used.   CCS handles imports of the instances on an individual Windows SQL host server as being one import job.  If any of the instances cannot be logged into, CCS will discard the data for the other instances on that server as being suspect.   In the same log where the above errors are shown, other SQL instance information that came back from the same SQL host server may be returned.  However those SQL Server assets were not imported.



Currently the only two work arounds are to grant the credentials being used rights on all instances on the SQL host server or manually enter the SQL Servers using ADD ASSET in the CCS console.  Once the SQL Server instances are entered as separate assets, data collections against the individual instances should proceed normally even if there is an instance on the SQL host server that the credentials cannot connect to or import.



Applies To

Control Compliance Suite 11.