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App fails to install on iOS device running work hub with MDM enabled.


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Mobility Suite


Any app download from mobility suite fails to an iOS device with MDM enabled. This issue occurs when the iOS device gets stuck in a state where the server has issued an install app via MDM command, but the device fails to process it. This subsequently affects all app installs over MDM.

The following conditions confirm the issue:

1) After the download attempt, the app appears to install. However, the app does not appear on the device.

2) When you attempt to install an app from your Work Hub, the following message is displayed in the log: (in the example below; is the identifier of the app (e.g. "com.nukona.2013demo1"):

mdmd[3620] : (Note ) MDM: Attempting to perform MDM request: InstallApplication mdmd[3620] :

(Note ) MDM: Handling request type: InstallApplication mdmd[3620] :
(Error) MDM: Enterprise app installation failed. Error: NSError: Desc : The app “ ” is already scheduled for management. US Desc: The app “ ” is already scheduled for management. Domain : MCMDMErrorDomain Code : 12026 Type : MCFatalError Params : ( " "


Mobility Manager can issue a remove app command using the script attached to this article. The steps to run the script are as follows:

1) Copy to /usr/local/nukona/appstore_cu/apps/appstore/scripts/

2) cd /usr/local/nukona/appstore_cu

3) execute /usr/local/nukona/python/bin/python scripts appstore remove-app -d -p

The can be found in the address bar of the admin console when viewing the device's Device Details page. It is the number just be for the word '/details' The is the App ID as shown on the App Details page for the app to be removed.

Applies To

Mobility Suite 5.0 Mobility Suite 5.1

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