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Placeholders in Data notifications


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 You are looking for information on what placeholders can be used in the notifications for the Data service.


Placeholders may be typed into the message body but not the subject.

Some place holders may not be used within certain messages; this information is detailed in the placeholder descriptions below.
· %d Date the email was sent
· %t Subject line of the email
· %p Plain text section of the email body. Not allowed in messages to administrator messages
· %y Suspect attachment file names
· %e Envelope senders, who sent the email
· %s Message body senders, the reply to address given in the email
· %r Envelope recipients, all recipients including BCCs
· %g Message body recipients, it does not include BCCs. Not allowed in messages to recipient or administrator
· %R Name of the rule that detected the message
· %E Reason text from the rule that detected the message
· %F Matched Content
· %% Use a double % to insert an actual %