Changes to the Agent push page do not stay
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Changes to the Agent push page do not stay


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IT Management Suite


When trying to make changes to the Agent push page, it will say that the changes are saved successfully but leaving the page and coming back reveals that the page has returned to it's original settings. This can affect trying to change the target or schedule of the push policy or trying to change the list of computers in the manual push list. 


This issue seems to occur in environments where there is a lot of push activity occurring. If the push is scheduled to run too frequently for how many machines are targeted, it will not allow changes to be made to the Agent Push Page settings.


Stop all Altiris services for a couple minutes, make sure you have a back up of the database, and run the following SQL command:

update item set state = '<item>    <scheduling>      <enabled>False</enabled>      <sharedSchedule>{5834ae07-1160-4037-8a25-67aebf6a254e}</sharedSchedule>    </scheduling>  </item>' where guid = '124d0571-4725-466c-8f43-998160d3cff2' 

Start the services back up, the push policy should now be disabled and you should now be able to make changes to the Agent Push Page. If you turn the scheduled push back on make sure to set the schedule to give it enough time to run for the number of computers that are listed in the target. For more than a couple hundred machines try to give it at least a couple hours.

*Before re-enabling the policy you will also want to lower the frequency that the policy is running to avoid returning to this locked out situation. For more than a few hundred systems in the targeted list, set it out to at least two hours, if over a thousand systems then look to three to four hours.*