Symantec Secure Email app configuration .plist file
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Symantec Secure Email app configuration .plist file


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Mobility Suite


I want to configure Symantec Secure Email to work with Symantec Mobility.  I understand for iOS, I'm to use the app configuration feature.  And the most effective way to do the configuration is to upload the key/value pairs from a .plist file.


The .plist list file is attached for download.  Also attached is a document that provides all the key/value pairs for Symantec Secure Email.

The 'PermissiveSSEConfig.plist' file is also attached which includes an AppConfig for Secure Email that is the least restrictive, but includes entries that can be further restricted as needed. It works for both iOS and Android Secure Email.


Applies To

Symantec Mobility: Suite 5.0 and later


WorkMail-AppConfig.plist get_app
SSE_app_config_parameters.docx get_app
MOST-PERMISSIVE.plist get_app