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How to check that the CCS Agent SecretKey matches what is stored in the CCS Manager database


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


The Agent does not successfully register with the manager, or it appears to successfully register but any communication between the manager and agent fails. 

You cannot Fetch configuration parameters from agent from within the CCS Console.

You cannot Ping the Agent from within the CCS Console.


 It is possible the secret key stored in the CCS Manager database does not match the secret key stored with the Agent.


To check the Secret Key for an Agent against what is stored in the CCS Manager Database follow the instructions below.

  1. On the Agent machine navigate to <Agent Installation Directory> esm\system\db
  2. Open the agtcert.dat file and make note of the cdb-data entry.
  3. From within Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio run the SQL Query that is attached to this KB for the machine which the Agent is installed on.
  4. Note: In the SQL Query, replace Agent_Machine_Hostname iwith the actual hostname of the machine the Agent is installed on.
  5. In the results of the SQL Query compare the data in the secretkey column to the data on the cdb-data line of the agtcert.dat.

These values should match.

If the values do not match Register the Agent to the CCS Manager.  

If this does not fix the problem delete the Agent from the CCS Console and register again.





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