Email messages not showing up in Email Track and Trace on portal
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Email messages not showing up in Email Track and Trace on portal


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 You may find that some messages do not appear in the searches that are performed in Email Track and Trace.


Several valid reasons exist for mail not being returned in search results.
  • The email is too recent. It takes approximately 15 minutes to one hour for an email to become visible in Email Track and Trace. The offset is due to the time it takes to concatenate the logs and ship them back to the central database. 
  • The email was not routed through our infrastructure. 
  • A typo may exist in the inbound MX records or the inbound recipient's address.
  • The search may have been conducted using the BODY-FROM text rather than the true SMTP MAIL FROM record. The body-from address has the potential to be a spoofed address. Some systems mask the true sending address by prefacing the address with prvs=#######, which constitutes the true transmission address. As a workaround, you can try searching for the sender as *[email protected] or by searching for only the recipient, leaving the sender field blank. 
  • If there is no mail-from address for the sender, the field only displays an @ symbol in Email Track and Trace. 
  • If our traffic-shaping technology has slowed the delivery of a particular email message, the sending server may have abandoned the delivery. Therefore, the message would not have been sent through our infrastructure (not delivered) and would not be visible in Email Track and Trace. 
  • If you send Outbound Email through the Email infrastructure from an IP but your domain is not provisioned in the portal, Track and Trace results will not show for that domain.