EML/Worm.xx.dam in Email Security.cloud AntiVirus
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EML/Worm.xx.dam in Email Security.cloud AntiVirus


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Email Security.cloud


An email sent or recieve is stopped as malicious and identifies the virus as EML/Worm.xx.dam


Sometimes a file that does not contain a virus is stopped. The file gets blocked in this situation because another antivirus company cleaned the file first. We cannot guarantee that the file has been cleaned completely; therefore, our stance is to stop it.
The message that we intercept has the EML/Worm.xx.dam naming convention, where xx is an acronym of the antivirus software that inserted the warning or disclaimer.
This list contains all the antivirus software acronyms you find it in the EML/Worm.xx.dam:
AA = We are not sure what product "cleaned" it
AB = WebShield
AD = antivirus Defense
AE = Antigen for exchange
AM = Armour Virus Control
CA = Computer Associates AntiGen
EM = eManager
ES = Esafe
FS = F-Secure
GE = Groupshield
IP = Israel Patents
KWF = Kerio WinRoute Firewall
MD = MIMEDefang
MS = MailScanner
NA = Norton
NO = Norman
PN = Panda
RA = Rav antivirus
RR = RoadRunner
SM = ScanMail
SN = snapmail
SS = Stompsoft
T3 = TC3Net E-Mail Virus Protection Service
VW = InterScan E-Mail VirusWall
WF = WatchGuard Firebox
WSH = WebShield
WS = WebShield (2)
T3 = TC3Net E-Mail Virus Protection Service
VW = Interscan
VW2 = InterScan Messaging Security Suite
XX = We are unsure which virus scanner cleaned this file