Outbound Spam Scanning in Email Security.cloud
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Outbound Spam Scanning in Email Security.cloud


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 You want more information on the outbound spam scanning or you have had emails stopped by the outbound spam scanning.


To provide continuity of service, Email Security scans all outbound emails and rejects the emails we identify as spam. To help you recognize these messages we send an SMTP permanent error response (5xx) to your message transfer agent (MTA). We suggest that you set your MTA to generate a non-delivery receipt (NDR) to inform the sender that we have blocked the email as spam.

Note that:
  • The portal has no configurable actions.
  • Track and Trace shows the outbound emails that we reject as spam.
  • We do not include suspected outbound spam in Email Security Service reporting in the portal.
  • Spam capture rate and spam false positive service levels do not apply to outbound emails.
Please note that we are not liable for any damage or loss resulting directly or indirectly from any failure of the service to identify spam. We are also not liable for wrongly identifying an email as spam. Please contact Support for further help.