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Error: "Secure Connection Failed" message from Firefox 32 after importing SWG certificate


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Web Gateway


After importing the certificate generated by Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) appliance into Firefox, then upgrading to Firefox 32, Firefox 32 displays the error "Secure Connection Failed" when navigating to the user interface of SWG appliance.

To reproduce this issue

  1. Within the user interface of SWG appliance, on Operating mode, select Proxy or Inline+Proxy blocking mode
  2. On Policies> Administration. create an SSL intercept policy
  3. Export the certificate from the SWG UI
  4. Import the certificate from the SWG UI into one or more Firefox 32 test browsers
  5. Within Firefox 32,  point the proxy settings at the IP address and port of SWG's ssl proxy component
  6. Navigate to testwebgateway/test/new.htm
  7. Click "Black List Test" in SSL Deep Inspection Tests session


Actual Results:

  • Firefox browser displays "Secure Connection Failed"
  • On the same client computer, Internet Explorer browser does not display an error message



To workaround

  1. Delete your intermediate server certificates
  2. Delete your SSL CA certificate, 
  3. Re-import your SSL CA certificate.


Product manuals and guides for Symantec Web Gateway 5.0.x are located here: