Manually testing outbound email in Email using Telnet
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Manually testing outbound email in Email using Telnet


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Customer needs to test outbound email connection through the Email services using telnet before sending mail.


In order to do this use the following instructions.

Open up a command prompt to initiate a telnet session.
At the prompt, type the following to send a mail:
            [You Type] telnet 25 [ is an example, you should use the cluster your organization has assigned]
            [Response] Trying
            [Response] Connected to
            [Response] Escape character is '^]'.
            [Response] 220 ESMTP
            [You Type] HELO
            [Response] 250
            [You Type] MAIL FROM:<[email protected]>
            [Response] 250 OK
            [You Type] RCPT TO:<[email protected]>
            [Response] 250 OK
            [You Type] DATA
            [Response] 354 go ahead
            [You Type] Subject: Test, Pls Ignore
            [You Type] Test
            [You Type] .  ( Ensure you type this period character on it's own line followed by pressing the enter key)
            [Response] 250 ok 1122906034 qp 6443!1122905977!30337210!1
            [You Type] QUIT
Additional information can also be passed during the DATA command. DATA indicates that you are about to send the body of the mail. For example:

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: Subject of the email
This is the first line in the body.
This is the second line in the body.