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SWG in Span/Tap with Dual Homing fails to block web pages


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Web Gateway


When Dual homing is enabled in TAP Mode, for the URL’s that should be blocked as per the policy, the blocking page is not seen even though the reports we see the blocking action. The behavior is same for LAN1 and LAN2.

No errors visibile within the user interface of Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) appliance

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Install SWG software from DVD
  2. Login into SWG console as admin.
  3. Configure IP, gateway & other details.
  4. Login into SWG console as root
  5. Navigate through the wizard.
  6. Enter License ,IP , Credentials and complete the wizard for SWG
  7. Upgrade to latest SWG software version
  8. In SWG UI, navigate to Configuration -> Network tab,
  9. Enable the dual IP option and assign LAN1 IP and other details
  10. Enable Dual homing option and assign LAN2 IP and other details
  11. Test either of the following 2 scenarios
    Note: “hardware connection to SWG port” is the WAN1,LAN1,WAN2,LAN2 ports at the back side of SWG.

    Scenario 1: LAN1 N/W     LAN2 N/W     Client N/W(n/w cable ONLY to)  UI_Status     Packet captured only for
                         192.168.2.x   192.168.1.x    LAN2(192.168.1.x)                     LAN is UP    LAN, MAN, MON

    Scenario 2: LAN1 N/W     LAN2 N/W     Client N/W(n/w cable ONLY to)  UI_Status       Packet captured only for 
                         192.168.1.x   192.168.2.x    LAN1(192.168.1.x)                     LAN2 is UP   MAN, MON


Actual Results:

  • Client browser does not display blocking page for the URL's that should be blocked as per the policy.
  • Custom Reports shows the blocking action.



Dual homing is not supported in Span/Tap mode.







Applies To

  • SWG 8490 appliance hardware
  • Dual homing enabled 
  • Separate inline and management networks
  • Span/Tap mode