MTA fails to load SMG-SP 64 bit client on Solaris
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MTA fails to load SMG-SP 64 bit client on Solaris


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Messaging Gateway for Service Providers


The Oracle Messaging Server fails to load the 64 bit SMG-SP client library even though the Oracle Messaging Server configuration specifies the correct path to the libraries. This results in a failure to initialize the spam and antivirus filtering service in the MTA possibly resulting in all messages being deferred with an SMTP 421 temporary failure message.

option.dat configuration
! Brightmail Rules
spamfilter_verdict_0=Subject: RealSpam%s
spamfilter_verdict_1=Subject: SuspectSpam%s
spamfilter_action_1=data:,addtag "[SPAM]"

imsimta -test error indicating incorrect library loader configuration

10:02:46.45: Loading spam filter #0, library '/opt/symantec/smg-sp/Scanner/lib/'
10:02:46.45:         - Spam filter initialization failure: Cannot load spam filter bmiEndHeaders [slot 1]
10:02:46.45:         - adding address[email protected] to channel tcp_intranet                    
10:02:46.45:       - adding address [email protected] to headers.
MTA log showing incorrect library loader
shim64_32: error opening library shim64_32: fatal: /usr/lib/64/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64


Usually when this occurs it is the result of the 64 bit library path not being set to include the path to the SMG-SP 64 bit libraries. There is also in SMG-SP 10.5 a hardcoded search path in which can result in errors loading the SMG-SP client library if it is not overidden.


The issues loading the 64 bit SMG-SP client library can be addressed by appending two entires to the library loader search path as follows:

#crle -64 -u -s /opt/symantec/smg-sp/Scanner/lib/      
#crle -64 -u -s /usr/sfw/lib/sparcv9/ 
The first includes the path to the SMG-SP SDK or library install location (note that this may be different in your environment). The second overrides a hardcoded dependency on the 32 bit gcc runtime library and replaces it with the 64 bit gcc runtime path. 

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SMG-SP 64 bit SDK