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Endpoint agent 11.1 installed with UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY parameter fails on upgrade to 11.6 or 12


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The 11.1.x Endpoint agent has been installed with an uninstall password key using the UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY= parameter

You try to upgrade to 11.6.x or 12.0 with or without a new UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY= parameter (if this parameter isn't specified the uninstall password key isn't changed during the upgrade)
The upgrade stops the EDPA service but does not complete the upgrade

Upgrading to 11.5 with or without a new UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY= parameter succeeds

If the installer is run in quiet mode with the /q switch you see no errors

If the installer is run without the /q switch you may be prompted for the uninstall password but even if you enter the correct password (the password used to create the uninstallpasswordkey for the 11.1 agent installation) the installation still does not complete or display any further errors


As a workaround first uninstall the 11.1.x Endpoint Agent then install rather than upgrade the 11.6.x or 12.0 Endpoint Agent

Alternatively you can upgrade from 11.1 > 11.5 > 11.6 or 12.0