How give only a read access to a range of volumes ?
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How give only a read access to a range of volumes ?


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TLMS Tape Management


Which is the method to protect either a volume, or range of volumes from being written to, and allow ONLY READ ACCESS.




Release: TLMS..00200-12.6-TLMS-TAPE MANAGEMENT


With RO47472 applied on TLMS 12.6 and TLMS 14.0 it is possible to benefit by defining a volume or a range of volumes to subpools identified as READONLY.

This option is useful for the following conditions:

  1. DR testing. 
  2. Conversions. 
  3. Obsolete tape media.

With this special subpool, volumes defined to a READONLY subpool are protected from 3 points of modification:

  1. Users cannot use a disposition of MOD to append to an existing dataset. 
  2. Secondary files cannot be added to a volume owned by this pool. 
  3. Output processing is prevented on volumes defined to this special pool.

Installation of the feature:

  1. Update CTAPOPTN - member CTOSCRxx. Add the following with the range of volumes you want to set to READONLY. 
    SCRPOOL=READONLYDR1,RANGE=000001-100000 (production range not to be used for output at DR) 
    SCRPOOL=READONLYOLD22,RANGE=C00001-C90000 (old media that you want to get rid of)
    SCRPOOL=READONLY3490,RANGE=900000-910000 (another old range that you don't want used for output)
  2. You will need to reload several CA-TLMS modules via CAS9.
    Modify the CAIRIMPARM with the following for TLMS 12.6



Modify the CAIRIMPARM with the following for TLMS 14





3.    Attempt to MOD or add another file to a volume within the new READONLY subpool.