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QualysGuard External Data Integration job fails with an error regarding Vulnerability data already being in CCS


Article ID: 161353


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


The QualysGuard  EDI (External Data Integration) connector is configured but when ran it does not pull in any asset/vulnerability data and shows an error on the Messages tab.

 Error occured while fetching data : Error in reading the datapage : Vulnerability data from Qualys server is already available in CCS from the last job run on <date of last job run>


The QualysGuard EDI Collectors connection parametes have IP's for Assets that have not been Scanned by QualysGuard.

The EDI Connector only pulls scan report data for the assets from QualysGuard, it does not pull the information from the Assets themselves.


In the QualysGuard EDI Connector, configure the parameters to have either no IP(s) specified, or specify only an IP or IP Range of Assets that have been scanned by QualysGuard.