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When embedding base64 encoded images to Html content of Send Email component, recipient email client does not display image


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IT Management Suite


 When we embed base64 encoded images into Html Content of Send Email component, using Source tab, the image is successfully displayed under Design tab, however, the email recipient is not able to view the image in the email client. Red cross is displayed instead.


The issue is due to some email clients blocking the images.

The affected clients are Outlook 2007 +, (Hotmail), Yahoo! Mail, Gmail.


The following email clients display embedded base64 encoded images:

Outlook 2003, iOS Mail, Apple Mail, Android default, Thunderbird.

See external link for reference:

Alternative approach is to use non-encoded embedded images.


Applies To

Workflow 7.5, 7.5 SP1

Mail clients Outlook 2007 +, (Hotmail), Yahoo! Mail, Gmail.