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Symantec Messaging Gateway Control Center Message Audit Logs sorting by "Action(s)" does not sort on all listed fields


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Messaging Gateway


 When clicking on the "Action(s)" column heading in the Control Center Message Audit log to sort the messages, you see that the column is not sorted on all listed fields. The column does not appear to sort on fields that list administrative action on a quarantined message, such as "Released", "Deleted", "Approved", "Rejected", etc...


That data in the Control Center uses for sorting is not exactly the same data that is listed in the end resulting list. For example, the sort for the “Action(s)” column is being done on the “Actions taken” data that is listed in the Message Audit Log for a message. If you view the detailed view of a quarantined item, you can see that the “Action taken” result does not contain the administrative actions that occurred after the message was sent to quarantine. These administrative actions are listed near the bottom of the detailed view of the quarantined item.



Sorting Examples: 

Sorted by Action(s), no items released or deleted yet:



Same list as above, still sorted by Action(s) but this time with releases and deletions. Notice, by time, the list has not changed:



The reason is that the sorting is done on the “Actions taken” field, which does not contain the administrative action. The administrative action appears towards the bottom of the view, in this example it is designated as "Spam Quarantine:" :