Unable to Install Master Query Engine (MQE) on 2008 R2 Windows machine.
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Unable to Install Master Query Engine (MQE) on 2008 R2 Windows machine.


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Receiving error code 2   Installer hangs with a session timeout error during query engine install or upgrade on 64 bit 2008 R2 machine using RMS console to do a remote installation\upgrade or when trying a local install.


error code 2

Session timeout limit reached maximum



Differences in how the Bindview installers work on 64 bit Windows on Windows (WOW) is causing some services to hang beyond normal timeout values. 



In order to install on this platform the 10.5 base install needs to first be used to install the MQE.  After that is successfully installed then it can be upgraded further to the latest version 10.5.1 if required.  The following directions assume that the install will be upgraded to latest 10.5.1 version after the original install.

Manual Install of Query Engine

1.   Obtain CCS 10.5 base install media and move to the machine where the MQE is to be installed.

2.   From the Bindview Information Server (BVIS) that has already been updated to 10.5.1, locate the SetupQE folder in the <drive>:Program Files (x86)\Symantec\RMS\Control\Windows   directory.  Copy this folder to the machine where the MQE is to be installed.

3.   On the machine to have the new MQE, run the 10.5 base installer as THE Administrator.

4.   When prompted for account to use to contact the ECS, enter a domain admin account that has domain rights to login to the ECS machine and is also a Bindview (BV) Administrator account.

5.   When prompted for which account to run the QE under, enter a service account that has domain admin authority in the domain that the MQE is being installed in.  Alternately the QE can be run under any domain account if credentials databases are being used for queries to this domain.

6.   After the 10.5 base install completes, ensure your QE shows up in the Connections Database in Bindview.


To install upgrade the MQE to 10.5.1:

1.  In services.msc, stop the CCS Support services and CCS Query Engine services and change them to be manual start instead of automatic.

2.  Reboot the MQE server to clean up any stray processes that did not stop when these services stopped...this is important.

3.  Open Task Manager and go to the Processes tab.  Have this at the ready while the installer is running.

4.  Using the SetupQE folder previously copied over to the MQE, launch the setup.exe from this folder to start the upgrade the QE to 10.5.1.

5.  When prompted, enter domain creds for ECS and QE credentials as previously done in 10.5 base install (above).

6.  Just prior to clicking the Install button near the end of the Wizard, stop the  ISDEL.exe process and then click the Install button in the wizard and complete the install.

7.  Turn the QE service and the CCS Support service back to automatic (they should already be running after successful upgrade).

8.  Apply the latest hotfixes (PCUs) to the QE either through the bvconfig utility on the Bindview Information Server (BVIS) machine or copy the files to the new MQE machine from the BVIS's, <drive>:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\RMS\Control\Windows\QE Hotfixes.   


Applies To

Windows Server 2008 R2......may also occur on 64 bit versions of Windows 2003 R2.