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How to perform Data Collection in a Cross Domain Environment using CCS 11.0


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How to perform Data Collection in a Cross Domain Environment using CCS 11.0


If you are using CCS 11.0 wherein your CCS Setup is in Domain "A" and if you want to collect/evaluate data from Domain "B" then in the CCS Console you just need to configure the credentials for Machines in Domain B, it's Domain Cache Credentials & a Data Location. Then import the said Domain B and the assets in that Domain via Domain Import and Asset Import Job respectively. Once the Assets are imported then you can do data collection for assets in the Domain B.


You can refer the following article for the above procedure-


Note-In Case of a Firewall necessary ports need to be configured to allow CCS components to access each other. The following article lists the ports used by CCS components to communicate with each other, and ports used by CCS for agent-less and agent-based data collection from target computers.


Also regarding Trust, say if CCS Setup is in Domain A & we need to collect data from Domain B then Domain B should trust Domain A. So a one way trust is a prerequisite.


You need to do similar configuration for all other domains if you have a Multi Domain environment.