Scheduled Tasks are missing under the Task Scheduler even though those schedules are present on the database
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Scheduled Tasks are missing under the Task Scheduler even though those schedules are present on the database


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IT Management Suite


Customer reported that after upgrading, many of his scheduled tasks under Task Scheduler were missing (like NS.Daily, NS.Business Hours), which basically were causing other internal schedules to not run on the scheduled times.

When you look at the database for those missing scheduled tasks, they are actually present.

Run the following query to see if NS.Weekly is present and what is assigned to it to run, you can see that we have the right references:


 [Schedule] = it1.[name]

,[Policy Item]= it0.[name]

,[Enabled] = isnull(cast(ia.[Enabled] as nvarchar), '')

,[Hidden] = case 

                when (it0.[Attributes]%2) = 0 then 'No'

                else 'Yes'


from ItemSchedule sched

join item it0 on it0.[guid] = sched.[ItemGuid]

join item it1 on it1.[guid] = sched.[ScheduleGuid]

left join ItemActive ia on ia.[Guid] = sched.[ItemGuid]

where sched.[ScheduleGuid] = 'ab7141ed-e03a-48e5-9051-a71b5912b7f2' --Add here the GUID for the Scheduled Task. In this case it is for the Weekly Schedule

  and it1.[name] like 'weekly%'  --Add here the partial name for the scheduled task that you are looking for

order by 1, 2


ITMS 8.x


 This issue was that the missing scheduled tasks were not checked under Shared Schedules (causing the proper entry in Task Scheduler to not be present).


The issue can also be caused if any of the scheduled Items (including hidden scheduled items) are marked as disabled in the Shared Schedules UI or in the database. 

By design, reconfigurations will not change the enabled status of these schedules once they are set.  

For some of the disabled schedules, they could be enabled again in the UI; however some could not be enabled through the UI like "Delta Resource Membership Update" because there is no UI to enable or disable it, only to change its schedule and changing the schedule didn't enable it either.

In some instances you will need to find those scheduled tasks in the database and enable the flag in the State of the Items, restart all services (to ensure a clean item cache).


 In order to fix this:

1. Go to Settings>Notification Server>Shared Schedules
2. Make sure you have those schedules enabled.
3. Reopen Task Scheduler.

If after the steps mentioned above there are still missing scheduled tasks, please refer to 158831 "Scheduled tasks disappear from Scheduled Task Library after upgrading to newer SMP release"

Additional Information

202704 "Accidentally all the Default Windows Task Schedules were deleted on Symantec Management Platform server"


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