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Endpoint Encryption cannot be upgraded if the Management Password is lost


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Endpoint Encryption


When upgrading an Endpoint Encryption Management Server, you are prompted for the SEE Management Password:

If the Management Password has been lost, you cannot upgrade.


Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.3 and above.


Unfortunately, the Management Password cannot be recovered. Therefore a fresh installation of Endpoint Encryption Management Server will be required.

Either the existing database (SEEMSDb by default) can be renamed prior to the installation or a different database name can be used for the new installation.

Once Endpoint Encryption Management Server is reinstalled, all Endpoint Encryption clients will need to updated with an MSI file generated from the new installation.

Note that you can change the Management Password at any time after installation using the Management Console. You should establish a protocol within your organization for all Management Password changes. You should store the password in a safe, secure location.

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