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How may I get specific PTFs now with the new website for the CA Pan/SQL product?


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PanAudit Plus Easytrieve Report Generator PAN/SQL


Using the new Support Online, how can I best download specific individual PTFs such as RO77666 and RO78062?


Release: PSQLOR00200-2.4-Pan/SQL-for Oracle


To answer your specific question on how to get a specific PTF such as RO77666 or RO78062, please do the following:

1. Sign into

2. On the Main Menu, where it says: Welcome...., please type 'RO77666' or whichever PTF you are needing and hit enter.

3. Then please click on this link:

     'For Solution and Problem search results, click here'

4. You will now be taken to the PTF.


You may now click on the PTF, download it, and add it to your cart.