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Can I do a backup and restore of CA XCOM for IBM I r11 to another LPAR ?


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XCOM Data Transport


Can I do a backup and restore of CA XCOM for IiSeries (AS.400) r11 to another LPAR instead of doing a new install? Are there any special instructions about this?


Release: CA XCOM Data Transport for iSeries (AS/400) r11
Component: XCAS4R


Yes, you can do a backup and restore on r11. 

The system name is not used by CA XCOM and the local IP address is picked up dynamically, so no CA XCOM configuration change is required. 

However, users commonly see CEE9901 and MCH3601 errors after a restore with r11. 

This problem can occur after a full restore of CA XCOM. The user space was created by QSECOFR. The user who restarted XCOM TCP didn't have access to the user space created by QSECOFR. Delete the user space TCP4M08044 and let the STRXCTCP command recreate it. (See below) 

To resolve this problem: 

Delete the TCP4M08044 user space 
- check who created the TCP4M08044 user space. You should be able to do that by displaying the object description for it. 
- make sure that the XCOM2SBS subsystem is down. 
- delete the TCP4M08044 user space 
- start the XCOM2SBS and STRXCTCP. The user space should be recreated again.