Software Update Policies intermittently fail to target.
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Software Update Policies intermittently fail to target.


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Managed Clients run Update Configuration on schedule; finding the targeted Software Update Policies will intermittently drop. 

Example: Client is targeted by 5 Software Update Policies, runs Update configuration, and is only targeted by 1 Software Update Policy. Confirmed the Patch (intersect) Filter is still targeting the Client, and confirmed the Client is still running processes and targeted by Windows System Assessment Scan and other such policies.

No errors present. Merely the dropping/adding of Software Update Policies.


 Appears to be a bug within the Policy Caching recently added to the product in SP1.


This issue was resolved in ITMS 7.5 SP1 HF4.

One workaround found as follows:

  1. RDP to SMP:
    1. Open Server Manager > Configuration > Services
      1. Stop 'Altiris Service'
    2. Drill down to C:\ProgramData\Symantec\SMP\Settings, modify the Coresettings.config file by adding the following line item: 
      1. <customSetting key="StubbedPolicyCache" type="local" value="0" />
      2. Note: It doesn't matter where the above line item is added to the Coresettings.config file; however, this particular workaround was implemented just under the following line item: <customSetting key="SingletonPolicyRequest" type="local" value="1" />
    3. Restart 'Altiris Service'
    4. Optional (if changes are not taking effect): Open CMD prompt with 'right-click > Run as Administrator'
      1. Execute: iisreset


Applies To

 Patch Management 7.5 SP1