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SMG Installation guide omits AD 2012 from list of supported directory servers.


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Messaging Gateway


You wish to use Microsoft Active Directory 2012 with the Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.5.3, but it does not show in the list of supported directories in the SMG install guide.


Below is a current updated list of supported directory structures. The install and administration guides will be updated at a later date.

 - Windows 2012 Active Directory (both LDAP and Global Catalog)
 - Windows 2008 Active Directory (both LDAP and Global Catalog)
 - Windows 2003 Active Directory (both LDAP and Global Catalog)
 - Oracle DSEE
 - Oracle DSEE
 - Oracle DSEE
 - Sun Directory Server 7.0
 - Sun Directory Server 6.3
 - Sun Directory Server 6.0
 - Lotus Domino LDAP Server 8.5.3
 - Lotus Domino LDAP Server 8.5.2
 - Lotus Domino LDAP Server 8.5
 - Lotus Domino LDAP Server 8.0
 - Lotus Domino LDAP Server 7.0
 - OpenLDAP 2.4
 - OpenLDAP 2.3

Symantec Messaging Gateway is LDAP v.3 compliant and can be configured to work with other directory server types.